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EMSELLA is a method used to treat pelvic floor disorders in men and women, including urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity.

Pelvic floor function can decline for any number of reasons, including pregnancy, childbirth, abdominal surgery, major weight loss, and even just aging. It's not typically something you think about until it becomes a problem, but after that it can affect every aspect of your life. EMSELLA treatment is designed to help you regain control by restoring your pelvic floor function.

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What to expect before treatment

When getting dressed before your procedure, we recommend loose fitting, relatively thin, comfortable clothing that does not have any metal near the treatment area.

What to expect during treatment

The EMSELLA machine is essentially a chair that utilizes high-intensity electromagnets to stimulate the deep pelvic floor muscles. During the procedure, you’ll simply sit in the chair for about 30 minutes, fully clothed, while the magnet pulses stimulate the pelvic muscles.

What to expect after treatment

After the procedure, you may experience mild muscle fatigue, but you should be able to immediately resume your normal activities.

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    Emsella FAQs

    Browse our list of frequently asked questions about JUVE and our Emsella service.

    How long does it take to see full results?

    Patients typically begin noticing a difference in their pelvic function shortly after their final treatment, but it will take between two and three months to see maximum results.

    How much do treatments cost?

    A single Emsella treatment will cost about [$1,000], and depending on the number of treatments required, total cost is typically between $[x] and $[x].

    Is Emsella right for me?

    Emsella is most often performed on men and women of any age who experience urinary incontinence, whatever the case. The procedure can also be extremely effective in treating vaginal laxity after childbirth.

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